Helping Hand Transit, LLC began operation on December 15, 2009 in the town of Floyd Virginia.  Our weekly special can be received by calling 540-808-9847 We recognized the need for courteous, caring and professional service to our customers in south western Virginia. The limited nature of transportation in our region prompted our desire to fulfill this pressing need. Our stand is to put everyone first, without regard for their background, wealth or status.

In an effort to accomplish this, we are currently perusing sources of revenue from private and public sources to get our customers to their destination. Our pursuit includes the transportation authority, regional partnerships and individuals locally.

We recognize that transportation is one of the top five reasons for displacement and isolation in our area. Therefore, we accept the challenge of providing comprehensive transportation services to our community. In the foreseable future HHT will implement shuttle service to Roanoke, Blacksburg and the surrounding towns in our region.

Helping Hand Transit has always welcomed the thoughts, advice, donations, volunteer interns and support of any kind from interested persons. We sincerely look forward to being a trusted resource to our clients.