I would highly recommend Mark for transportation to local areas. He is prompt, polite and very helpful. Call him if you need a ride. – James B.

The ride was good. Very nice driver. Would hire him again, got his card. – Nicole R.

Today August 6th, 2010, I was getting ready for my doctor’s appointment when I noticed that I could hardly stand or walk and my right knee felt like a large amount of broken glass was in it. So I said to myself I need a ride but everyone I know was either at work or out of town. Then I remembered Helping Hands Transit. I knew it was a little late to call for taxi service, but I did it anyways.
I got a hold of the phone number (540) 808-9847 and wondered if anyone will be available, but right away Mark Cox who is proprietor and driver picked up the phone. I told him my dilemma and immediately he said it is no trouble. I will be there in 15 minutes which gives me more than time to hobble around, finish getting ready, and still be on time for my appointment. Thanks Mark.
When I was ready I called him and he was there in about five minutes. I cannot forget how reasonable the fare was and the courteous service: like opening the door and closing it after I was seated.
Overall it was a great experience. – Hortense S.